Черен калъф за Apple iPhone 6/6S

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Formfaktor: 360 Grad Schutz Hülle  Marke: ChargeTie
Kompatibel mit: iPhone 8 Plus Ganzkörperschutz
Besonderes Merkmal: Slim Fit Inklusive Reinigungs- und Installationsmaterial
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Black Case for Apple iPhone 7

The case is designed in plastic with more texture towards the border and protective silica for a better appearance. The shock absorbing frame material is coupled with ultra-fine plating and grinding. The retracted heat management shape greatly reduces the temperature of your device

Intelligent shape with Heat control

The case is designed to completely protect the camera from scratches, thanks to its convex shape. It manages the temperature balance, so your phone never overheats. The accessory combines a dual function design with a soft silky touch for an easier grip


Pure signal. Ease of use

The case does not hinder any of the signals of your phone, thanks to the quality materials used. It is easy to install and remove and provides access to all ports